Cylinder Specifications

PSI Plus offers a broad range of disposable and refillable high pressure cylinder products, accomodating service pressures up to 2200 p.s.i. All products are manufactured in strict compliance with applicable US D.O.T., Transport Canada and European Union TPED requirements. Cylinders are fabricated from special tubing, drawn to precise specifications amd press formed at the ends with welded enclosures.

Cylinders range in height from 2 to 23 inches, with diameters from 1 to 5 inches. All are available with a variety of fittings to meet your particular filling and dispensing requirements. This unique design concept, partnered with a flexible manufacturing process, provides a ready supply of cylinders for your high pressure packaging requirements.

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Download a PDF of General Cylinder specs here

Download a PDF of Refillable Cylinder specs here

Download a PDF of Disposable Cylinder specs here

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All PSI Plus cylinders meet requirements for filling and transporting Flammable (Division 2.1) and Non-Flammable (DivisIon 2.2) gases listed in 49CFR part 173 authorized in US DOT specification cylinders.

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